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Who Are We?

Men have “needs” and “wants” the same way women do, and one of the most important thing for a man to have in his life is to be able to transport his precious beer in the most manly way possible. Hold Thy Beer loves beer and we know you love it too and guess what, the beer loves you back, so show some respect and give your beer the best transportation out there with a Beer Crate.

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We have a great selection of Craft Beer Accessories ranging from Growlers to T-Shirts! Click for more info!
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Why Buy A Beer Crate?

When you show up to a party with your loyal beer in a Beer Crate, people will start to see you differently. They start to you see as a man who has priorities in life, a man who has his life straight and figured out. Another great reason to buy a beautiful Beer Crate is to be able to give your wife her re-usable grocery bags back. This is a Win-Win for you and your partner.


What is a Beer Crate?

Have you ever heard of a crate? “Yes”, you say? Ok, now picture that with Beer in it and now you have yourself a Beer Crate! In all seriousness though, a Beer Crate is a very practical  and sensible way to carry or transport your Beer, Wine or even Soda. As you know, Beer bottle can sometimes be fragile and temperamental, which is why a Beer Crate is very valuable and comes in handy. Craft Beers for example are usually bottled in Big, Fat and Weirdly shaped containers which makes carrying them with your hands awkward. A Beer Crate minimises the need to fumble with you craft beers.


What is a Beer Crate made of?

Most Beer Crates on the market are made of wood, metal and sometimes other materials. Depending on how fancy you want your Beer Crate to be, some manufacturers will create a custom one for you! Hold Thy Beer is here to help you understand your options when it comes to buying a Beer Crate. Read more though our website and reviews for more information.

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