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Who Are We?

Men have “needs” and “wants” the same way women do, and one of the most important thing for a man to have in his life is to be able to transport his precious beer in the most manly way possible. Hold Thy Beer loves beer and we know you love it too and guess what, the beer loves you back, so show some respect and give your beer the best transportation out there with a Beer Crate.

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Why Buy A Beer Crate?

When you show up to a party with your loyal beer in a Beer Crate, people will start to see you differently. They start to you see as a man who has priorities in life, a man who has his life straight and figured out. Another great reason to buy a beautiful Beer Crate is to be able to give your wife her re-usable grocery bags back. This is a Win-Win for you and your partner.


What is a Beer Crate?

Have you ever heard of a crate? “Yes”, you say? Ok, now picture that with Beer in it and now you have yourself a Beer Crate! In all seriousness though, a Beer Crate is a very practical  and sensible way to carry or transport your Beer, Wine or even Soda. As you know, Beer bottle can sometimes be fragile and temperamental, which is why a Beer Crate is very valuable and comes in handy. Craft Beers for example are usually bottled in Big, Fat and Weirdly shaped containers which makes carrying them with your hands awkward. A Beer Crate minimises the need to fumble with you craft beers.


What is a Beer Crate made of?

Most Beer Crates on the market are made of wood, metal and sometimes other materials. Depending on how fancy you want your Beer Crate to be, some manufacturers will create a custom one for you! Hold Thy Beer is here to help you understand your options when it comes to buying a Beer Crate. Read more though our website and reviews for more information.

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Beer Crates: Why You Need One & What to Do With It

Who doesn’t love a cold beer on a hot summer day?

To be truthful, a great beer is satisfying every day of the year. And with the variety of lagers, ales, porters, and stouts available, it’s easy to find the perfect beer for any situation.

While people have been drinking beer for thousands of years, craft beer trends have created a renewed interest in the beverage. There are endless varieties of beers to try, making it a great time to be a beer enthusiast.

But there’s more to beer than just drinking it. The way we package and transport beer is also important to the overall beer experience.

This is why every serious beer drinker should have a beer crate. Beer crates are durable, aesthetically pleasing products that will make you the envy of your drinking buddies.

So what’s so great about beer crates? Let’s look at some of our favorite features.

Beer crates are practical

Consider this scenario. You’re headed over to a friend’s house for the evening and have been tasked with bringing the beer.

You’re walking up the driveway, carrying two twelve packs of beer, when suddenly the cardboard handle breaks on one of the boxes. The next thing you know, you’re chasing twelve beers down the driveway, and praying none of the bottles broke.

This tragic situation could have been avoided if you had been using a beer crate.

Beer crates are sturdy and are equipped with strong handles that make them great for transporting beer.

These crates also come in different sizes. Do you just want a six pack to carry beer to your buddy’s house and watch the game? There’s a crate for that.

Do you just want a six pack to carry beer to your buddy’s house and watch the game? There’s a crate for that.

Or, if you are hosting a large event, and need several 24-pack cases of beer, you can buy crates to accommodate that need too.

Also, unlike cardboard boxes, wooden crates are reusable.

They are environmentally friendly

With the explosion in the craft beer market, many beer and liquor stores are offering customers “make your own six-pack” deals.

Here’s how it works. The beer section of the store is filled with individual cans and bottles of a wide variety of beers. So, instead of only getting to try one of these beverages, customers can mix and match whatever six beers they want.

This is a great opportunity for beer connoisseurs to try a little bit of everything. Not to mention, it can save money.

The only problem is that these stores typically provide cardboard carrying cases to hold the customer’s selected beers. We already discussed some of our frustration with cardboard beer containers. But don’t forget that these one-use carriers are also bad for the environment.

We already discussed some of our frustration with cardboard beer containers. But don’t forget that these one-use carriers are also bad for the environment.

What if, instead of getting a new container every time you went to get new craft beer, you could bring your own, stylish beer crate with you? This would cut down on cardboard waste, and help to shrink your personal carbon footprint.

The beer crate is steeped in tradition

Before beer was packaged in mass-produced cardboard boxes, even the big breweries used to package their beer in beer crates.

These crates were beautifully designed with the company’s logo. Also, some of these crates even had novelty features, like checkerboards printed on the sides.

Using a beer crate is a great way to connect with the history of beer drinkers over the centuries.

it also makes for great presentation. Whether you’re hosting a party, or even trying to start your own business, a beer crate makes your beer look as great as it tastes.

Want to try homebrewing? Better get a beer crate

The renewed interest in locally-brewed beer has also led many beer drinkers to try homebrewing.

Homebrewing is the ultimate experience for beer enthusiasts. For people who love small-batch beers, it’s hard to get a smaller batch than the one you brewed in your living room. There’s nothing like handcrafting your own lagers and ales that are made to fit your personal tastes.

And, quite frankly, there’s nothing like handcrafting your own lagers and ales that are made to fit your personal tastes.

If you’re planning on giving home brewing a try, then beer crates will be a necessity. They will provide a safe storage space for all of your new creations.

Also, if you plan on trying to monetize your homebrewing hobby, beer crates are a great packaging option. They look classy, and you have your own logo embossed on them.

Some small brewers even save costs on their expenses by using beer crates. They have customers buy their first beer crate, and then give them a discount if they bring the crate back to be refilled.

If you use this strategy, you can encourage customers to develop loyalty to your brand. Additionally, you won’t have to pay for a new container for every customer purchase.

A beer crate makes a great gift

It’s the age-old question. What do you get for the guy (or gal!) who has everything?

A great option is to get them something that helps them enjoy the things they love even more. A beer crate can do just that.

If you have a beer lover in your life, they might have never thought to get themselves a beer crate. This unique gift can give them a new way of enjoying one of their favorite hobbies.

If you’re getting married, beer crates can make great gifts for groomsmen.

Or maybe you’re going to an office holiday gift exchanges. These can be particularly difficult, especially in cases where the gifts go into a generic pool, instead of to a specific person.

A beer crate pre-stocked with some high-quality beer could make your gift the one that all your co-workers will fight over.

Do you use beer crates? What do you love about them? Let us know in the comments!